Conversations to think and learn about software design

I’ve hosted a number of conversations in the interest of helping myself and others develop our understanding of what it means to design software. Disciplines like architecture and science have thousands of years of culture and tradition to draw upon. Software design is a new industry. Its culture is still being shaped.

As our industry evolves, I hope to promote a thoughtful, ethical culture of software design.

A Cybernetic Salon with Paul Pangaro

In Spring 2018, I organized and co-hosted a panel discussion with Paul Pangaro at California College of the Arts on the topic of cybernetics and its relevance to the way we think about the computing “stack” and our lives in general

One Question Podcast with Kristian Simsarian

I also co-hosted the CCA Interaction Design Podcast with our MDes Department Chair, Kristian Simsarian, who founded the Interaction Design practice at IDEO and currently runs a design firm focused on AI. In each ten minute episode, I would ask Dr. Simsarian one question relevant to our discipline. Here are a few: